Can you learn cybersecurity without a degree

When you don’t have a degree and you’re not actively enrolled in college, it can make it seem to employers that you lack motivation to pursue your education. Perhaps most important though is that learning cybersecurity, through college or not, takes a lot of time and it’s not easy.

How to learn cyber security on your own?

Step #1 Determine what you want to learn. The cyber security field is very broad with lots of specialties, and those are changing and evolving all the time. Your first step in learning cyber security on your own is to narrow down what you think you may want to focus on.

Do you need a degree to be a cybersecurity specialist?

Studying independently is one way to obtain the industry background and technical skills you need to succeed in cybersecurity without a degree. However, it is not the only path to education in the field. A cybersecurity boot camp may be a better choice for you if you enjoy a more guided, organized approach to learning.

Why should you enroll in a college Cybersecurity program?

Another important benefit of enrolling in a college cybersecurity program is that it is an indication to employers that you are actively working to better yourself.

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