Do vortex generators actually do anything?

The more effective an aerodynamic aid is, the faster the flow of air. That’s why the bodywork on Formula 1 cars works so well at keeping the car pinned to the track as they regularly reach speeds in excess of 200 km/h.

What does the WRX vortex generator do?

The swirl of air in between the high energy and low energy streams is caused by the vortex generator.

What is the purpose of vortex generators on aircraft surfaces?

vortex generators improve controllability at slow airspeeds and reduce stall speeds on multi engine aircraft. The useful load can be improved by the slower stall speed.

Do vortex generators increase mpg?

This increases fuel economy and reduces vehicle sway.

Do vortex generators increase drag?

vortex generators are used on aircrafts to prevent downstream flow separation and improve their overall performance.

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