How do you get friends on Coin Master?

You can invite your friends to play the game by clicking on the “Invite Friends” option. If you wait for them to accept your invitation, you should have them on your list.

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How do you get free money on Coin Master?

You will get 40 free spins when you invite a friend to join Coin Master.

How do you use the Coin Master bot?

You get a coin every time you click on an item in the bot. The idea of a cookie clicker inspired the idea of this bot.

How many invites Can you send on Coin Master?

You won’t be able to invite more friends after 250 successful invitations. You can earn 15000 spins through this invitation.

How do you become a VIP Coin Master?

The only way to get the VIP account in the coin master game is to spend your money and buy it from the coin master shop. Depending on the popularity of this game, the price of this account varies from country to country.

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