How do you hack Angry Birds 2?

You can set time ahead a few hours or a day by going to settings. If you want to see your free lives, go back to Angry Birds 2.

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How do you get black pearls in Angry Birds 2?

Black pearls can be collected through rewards in the game.

Is Angry Birds 2 rigged?

Yes, it’s rigged, but it’s gotten to the point where it’s not fun anymore. King Pig was knocked off of his perch about a dozen times in the last two boss levels, requiring the spending of many gems to complete the level.

What are the powers of the extra birds in Angry Birds 2?

The extra birds are unlocked by special keys, just like the rest of the flock.

What do you do with Calavera coins in Angry Birds 2?

After you have used your keys and claimed your free chest, you can use the coins to open basic chests.

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