How do you use a bias calibration frame?

It’s important to make sure the camera is in a dark place or room to capture a successful bias calibration frame. Pre-processing software such as DeepSkyStacker can be used to stack several pictures together.

How many dark calibration frames do I need?

A minimum of 20 frames is ideal according to the DeepSkyStacker help sections.

How many calibration frames do I need?

If you are using a DSLR camera, you only want an exposure long enough to the point where your histogram is displayed as 12 to 13 from the left. ADU of 15,000 to 30,000 is recommended for cooled astronomy camera users.

How do you calibrate a flat frame?

If you want to take your flat frames with a DSLR, you should use the same ISO setting that was used for your session.

What is the difference between dark frames and dark flat frames?

The dark frames are used to remove the dark signal from the light frames.

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