How to remove the battery from a motorcycle

Generally, to remove a battery you must disconnect the negative cable first and then the positive cable. Then, release the battery from anything connecting it to the motorcycle body and lift it out of the bike. Removing the battery is a tricky operation. Read the manual before you do anything else.

Where to put a motorcycle battery on the frame?

If you have to keep your motorcycle battery upright, the best option you have is placing it on top of the rear swing arm. You’ll generally have several pieces of frame (at least two pieces) that connect right there. There is metal in the way of the side profile view so it will still hide your battery nicely, even if it’s standing upright.

What should I do if my bike battery is damaged?

Drive the bike home or to a repair shop. While the bike is working again, the battery is more than likely damaged so get it a bike mechanic as soon as you can.

Why is the negative side of the battery on a bike?

Many bikes use the frame as a ground, meaning any metal part near the positive terminal could be a path for electricity to travel. By working on the negative side first, you minimize the possibility of “grounding out” the battery.

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