Is Godfather 3 the last one?

The sequel to the first film had to be made.

Is Godfather 3 and Godfather coda the same?

Most of the time, Coda is the same as The Godfather, Part III. It’s not a drastic remake like what Coppola did with Apocalypse Now Redux, nor does it lead one to believe that what was considered a disappointing conclusion to the trilogy is now a masterpiece.

Who kills Michael Corleone?

Mosca after the performance.

Who killed Vito Corleone?

Luca Brasi was sent to rescue Aldo after his mother expressed worry about him due to his running with a gang. After Luca’s death, Vito was shot.

Who is the biggest crime family in the world?

The largest of the “Five Families” is the Genovese family. The founder of Ethnicity Italians as “made men” and other ethnicities as associates was Vito Genovese.

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