Is there a size limit for QR codes?

The maximum symbol size of the code is 177×177, so it can hold as much as 31,329 squares. The total number of characters in the data is 7,089.

Does size matter for QR code?

It’s important to make sure the code is at least 1.2 inches in size for people to use. It is important that you place your codes in places with a lot of people so that they will notice them immediately.

What is Micro QR code?

Denso Wave in Japan came up with the idea of a smaller, more compact version of their regular QR Code.

How much info can you put in a QR code?

Website URLs, phone numbers, or up to 4,000 characters of text can be stored in a QR code.

How many KB can a QR code hold?

A standard version can hold up to 3KB of data.

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