What affects soil electrical conductivity?

There are several factors that affect the EC value of the soil.

How does soil electrical conductivity affect plant growth?

A measure of the amount of salts in the soil. The electrical conductivity of the soil affects yields, crop suitability, plant nitrogen availability, and soil microorganism activity. The soil-water balance is affected by excess salts.

Why it is necessary to know the electrical conductivity of the soil?

As an indirect indicator of the amount of water and water-soluble nutrients available for plant growth, electrical conductivity levels can be used.

How is soil a conductor of electricity?

Electric current conductors are usually clay soils with fine particles and with greater points of contact between them, higher conductors when compared to sandy soils. It was smaller.

How do you reduce EC in soil?

There is a As the concentration of salt increases and decreases, the electrical conductivity increases and decreases. Increasing the water content or decreasing the salt concentration is an easy way to decrease EC.

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