What are Blender attribute types

Attributes are often tied to CustomData, which is a system to store “layers” of data in a data structure like a mesh, point cloud, etc. However, since CustomData was added to Blender before attributes were conceptualized, it combines the “legacy” style of task-specific attribute types with generic types like “Float”.

What are anonymous attributes in Blender?

An anonymous attribute is a set of generic data stored on a geometry that doesn’t have a name. Usually, attributes exposed in Blender’s interface all have names.

How do I retrieve attributes in Blender?

There are two APIs for retrieving attributes in Blender. Defined in BKE_attribute.h, the first API works on the ID structure. This approach is tied to the CustomData system commonly used to store attributes.

What is an attribute in geometry?

An attribute is a generic term to describe data stored per-element in a geometry data-block. For example, every vertex can have an associated number or vector. Attributes can be altered by the nodes in the Attribute category, but also some other nodes can change the values of specific attributes.

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