What are COMPAS for?

Equivant is the owner of Correctional Offender Management Profiling for Alternative Sanctions (COMPAS), a case management and decision support tool used by the U.S. courts. The person is the defendant.

How many states use COMPAS?

Criminal justice experts caution against using risk assessments in criminal justice reform because of their many problems.

How does the compass algorithm work?

A series of other factors are used to assess how likely a person is to be arrested again in the next two years. COMPAS’ risk assessment can be used to inform a judge’s decisions.

What is the main reason for bias in data?

Some of the reasons for selection bias include voluntary participation, limiting factors for participation, or insufficient sample size.

What is the COMPAS risk assessment?

The COMPAS can be used to predict a variety of outcomes and provide separate estimates for violence. Reparation.

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