What are the four dimensions of MBTI?

There are 94 forced-choice items that yield scores on each of the eight factors, as well as the famous four dimensions: thinking, feeling, and judging.

What are the four major dimensions of personality?

The four dimensions of personality are Extroverts or Introverts.

What are the four things in MBTI?

The Extraversion/Introversion dichotomy shows how a person gets their energy. The dichotomy describes how a person takes in information.

What are the 4 categories of 16 personalities?

The 16 people can be divided into four groups: analysts, diplomats, sentinels and explorers.

What is the rarest MBTI type?

The INFJ is a type of personality that makes up only a small percentage of the population. The initialism that stands for “INFJ” stands for “Introversion, Intuition, N, Feelings, and Judgement.”

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