What hot drinks does QT have?

Coffee made from fresh ground. A double shot of espresso with hot water creates a unique coffee flavor.

Does QT have sweet tea?

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Does QuikTrip sell gallons of tea?

You can get QTea refill up to one gallon.

What tea does QuikTrip use?

Green tea is used by QuikTrip.

Does QuikTrip tea have caffeine?

Coffee is in all of our teas.

Does QT have herbal tea?

The new, on-trend flavors include: Organic Earl Grey Black Tea: Light and refreshing with the delicious and distinctive citrus zing of Bergamot.

Does QuikTrip unsweet tea have caffeine?

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Where do they make Milo’s tea?

Milo’s Tea opened a new $60 million facility in the state of Oklahoma.

Does Virginia have sweet tea?

Non-sweet tea is not available in the northernmost parts of Virginia.

Does QT sell hot chocolate?

QT has 16oz. coffee and hot drinks for 99.

Does QT have coffee?

The brew is fresh in the store and poured to order. The company’s specialty drinks include fresh ground coffee, Americano, cappuccino, latte, mocha, Chai latte, premium hot cocoa and Frappe.

Does QT cappuccino have caffeine?

Can you tell me how much coffee is in the frozen cappuccino?

Does QT have frozen coffee?

Does QuikTrip unsweet tea have caffeine?

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What states sell Milo’s tea?

The company has three core products: Famous Sweet Tea, Unsweet Tea and No Calorie Sweet Tea. There are three new products in stores in six states: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida.

How many ounces is a small QT Cup?

Our small self serve cups are 16 0z.

How many calories are in a QT slushie?

Big q quick trip slushy has 400 calories.

How much are Circle K fountain drinks?

If you want to cover the $6/month subscription, you’ll have to get more Circle K fountain drinks.

How much is a QT slushie?

They have a small, medium, big, extra large, and collector’s cup.

Does Kwik Trip have iced tea?

The calories from Icey Iced Tea come from Consuming Consuming Consuming Consuming Consuming Consuming Consuming Consuming Consuming

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