What is neural DSP plugin?

Neural DSP products include pedals, cabs and mics. Archetype products are made with collaboration with the artist and have a variety of Amps from clean to High Gain.

What is DSP in audio interface?

A digital signal processor is a computer chip that outputs a result in real-time. When audio is processed in the digital realm, it can be used within a DAW, speaker, interface or even your phone.

What do I need for neural DSP plugins?

The minimum requirements for Windows are an Intel Core i3 Processor and an R3 2200G or higher.

What is the difference between native and HD plugins?

The difference between an HD and Native McDSP plug-in is that the HD plug-ins can run on either host processors or the DSP’s of an Avid HDX system to keep from taxing your host.

Is neural DSP free?

You can use this software on your computer to manage your licenses.

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