What is supervised and unsupervised learning with examples?

Market basket analysis is one of the areas of application for unsupervised learning. Decision tree, Logistic regression, linear regression are some of the most commonly used Supervised Learning Algorithms.

What is the difference between supervised and unsupervised Modelling?

The answer key for the supervised learning model is used to evaluate the accuracy of the training data. Unlabeled data can be provided by an unsupervised model, which tries to make sense of it on its own.

What is an example of unsupervised learning?

Hierarchical Clustering, K-Means Clustering and Principal Component Analysis are some examples of unsupervised learning.

What is the real life example of unsupervised learning?

There are some use cases for clustering that include understanding different customer groups around which to build marketing or other business strategies. Genetics can be used to analyze evolutionary biology.

What is an example of supervised learning?

Text classification problems are a great example of supervised learning. Predicting the sentiment of a piece of text is one of the most popular topics in text classification.

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