What is the atomic style?

Small, single-purpose classes with names based on visual function are what AtomicCSS favors.

When was atomic decor popular?

Many aspects of American culture, including design, were impacted by the development of nuclear weapons. Atomic Age design is characterized by references and responses to nuclear science and the atomic bomb.

What influenced the Atomic Age design style?

The media portrayal of nuclear exposure inspired the sleek, organic shapes of its designs. Some argue that the shapes are reminiscent of a simpler time when nature was ruled by living organisms.

Where did atomic design come from?

Brad Frost created Atomic Design to provide direction on building interface design systems with explicit order and hierarchy.

What is an atomic home?

The Eichler or Alexander tract homes were built during the peak of the ranch craze. The glass facades on the rear exterior of the house were a step further than a pretty picture window.

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