What is the difference between digital and freeform lenses?

The patient’s best vision is in the center of the lens. The digital lens is often called free-form because the lens is tailored to the patient’s prescription in a very precise manner.

What is a free form single vision lens?

The ability to deviate, up to 2 diopters, from the best form base curve for a specific Rx and material index can be entered.

How much are free form lenses?

Practices with one location sold free form progressives for an average of $400.93.

What does freeform mean on lenses?

The most advanced versions of progressive lens are called freeform varifocal. The technology used to create them is called back- surface.

What makes a freeform lens a better choice for patients?

You can expect exceptional night/low light vision, as well as improved visual clarity.

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