What rank is Eto?

Lead ETO, First Electrician, chief electrical officer are some of the names that can be found on larger vessels such as cruise ships. Or

What is the work of 4th engineer?

A fourth engineer is a certified marine engineer who is solely responsible for Purifiers, Air Compressors, Bunkering operations and other related jobs.

What is the duties and responsibilities of 3rd engineer?

Third Engineers report directly to the Second Engineer and are responsible for watch keeping, as well as the completion of maintenance and repair activities on deck and in the engine rooms.

What do you know about Eto?

An ETO plays a vital role in the maintenance of large vessels ranging from installation to repairs and other related tasks. You can turn your dream of working on a ship into a reality by taking an ETO course.

What is the lowest position on a ship?

A seaman.

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