Who were the astronauts in Apollo 17?

Crew size 3 Members Eugene A. Cernan Ronald E. Evans Harrison

What did Apollo 17 leave on the Moon?

Some of these were similar to a shotgun blast, but the crews of Apollos 16 and 17 also left behind mortar shells that were remotely detonated once the astronauts left. The results of the experiments show that the top part of the moon is very fractured.

Which astronaut stayed back in the command module Columbia?

After landing on the Moon in the lunar module Eagle on July 20, Collins remained in the command module Columbia, circling the Moon at an altitude of 97– 121 km (60–75 miles).

Are there any Apollo astronauts still alive?

All nine crewed missions to the Moon were part of the Apollo program and took place over a four year period. The 24 people who flew to the Moon are the only ones who have traveled beyond Earth’s low altitude.

How much did Apollo 17 cost?

The first mission to land a man on the moon, Apollo 11, cost 355 million dollars, and the final mission, Apollo 17, cost 450 million. There are dollars. NASA.

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